SAMPARI: West Papua Art Exhibition & Sale

03rd December 2015 1/29/16 9:00 am until 13th December - 1/29/16 8:00 pm

The Women’s Office of the Federal Republic of West Papua invites Visual, Media, Sculpture, and Craft Artists to apply to have their work exhibited at the Australian Catholic University Gallery in Fitzroy (Victoria) from 4th- 13th December 2015.

The exhibition is designed to inspire a bounty of imagery and knowledge about West Papua …. as a bounded territory of extraordinary physical beauty (albeit being plundered), as an ancient landmass of complex geologies (albeit being exploited), as a living museum of rare flora and fauna (albeit being flogged in black markets), as the homeland for a plethora of indigenous peoples whose footprints dominate ancient time and space as much as their inquiries are determining today’s geophysical domains and political arenas.

Artists may choose to submit an Existing ArtWork (not necessarily about West Papua), or a Work Inspired by or about West Papua.

Closing date for Submissions 1st November 2015

A People’s Choice Award will be presented to the work judged the best portrayal of West Papua.
Artists may choose to keep half of the money (50%) from sales of their work, or donate it to the Women’s Office fundraising projects.


Hana Vasak, Exhibition Administrator, tel 0404 333 080, email
Bronwen Bender, Exhibition Administrator, tel 0413 988 280, email

Artist Sumbission Form (PDF for printing)
Artist Callout (PDF for printing)

<em>Liberty Papua Leading the People (After Delacroix)</em> Peter Woods 2011. Hidden Heroes Exhibition: West Papuan Women of Resistance

Liberty Papua Leading the People (After Delacroix) Peter Woods 2011 (Hidden Heroes Exhibition: West Papuan Women of Resistance)