Visual, sculpture, jewellery, craft artists! Call out for 2017 Sampari Art Exhibition for West Papua

The West Papua Women’s Office in Docklands is asking Visual, Sculpture, Jewellery and Craft Artists to consider entering work in the 2017 SAMPARI ART EXHIBITION FOR WEST PAPUA, including the special category of Melanesian Art.

The exhibition is showing in the Australian Catholic University Art Gallery in Fitzroy (Melbourne) between 8 and 17 December 2017.

Friday 20 October 2017

Sampari 2015 and 2016 attracted fine art, glass work, collage, print, wirework, photography, film, traditional weaving, mixed media, street sculpture, oil gouache and ink.

Works need to be inspired by West Papua: by the people, their culture, politics, history, or extraordinary flora and fauna and maritime and territorial environments.

  • There is no submission fee.
  • Submissions must include a photograph of your completed work.
  • Artworks will be on sale to the viewing public unless otherwise specified by artist.
  • Proceeds of sales are shared 50/50 between Artist and the FRWP Women’s Office.

West Papua, brutally occupied by Indonesia since 1 May 1963, is a bounteous space of inspiration and paradox.  It’s a territory of extraordinary physical beauty (being plundered).  An ancient landmass of complex geologies (being exploited).  A living museum of rare flora and fauna (sold in black markets across Java).  The home of an indigenous people with footprints across ancient time and space.

The West Papuans are Australia’s closest neighbour. Their ambition is to be a free and independent Melanesian state.  The engagement of western and melanesian artists is crucial as they approach a dangerous climax in their long freedom struggle.

PDF Submission Form Sampari 2017, Submission form
INQUIRIES or Robin Vote on 0413 802 612

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Sampari 2017 is again featuring artists from the Melanesian nations. Solomon Islanders, ni-Vanuatu, Papua New Guineans, Fijians, and the Kanak of New Caledonia (who are preparing for an independence referendum in 2018) have a unique perspective on West Papua.  They see a war zone where brown-skinned people with frizzy hair like themselves are murdered for raising a flag.  They see a kin state bursting with songsters and poets and imaginative resistance to Indonesia’s genocidal policies.  They see tiny isolated villages struggling to survive within a militarized colonial space.  They see unique flora and fauna stifling in the shadow of the biggest gold-and-copper mine in the world.  Their solidarity strong-arms their politicians for the monumental battle of relisting West Papua on the UN Decolonisation List.

Friday 20 October 2017

  • Entries are restricted to Melanesian artists living outside Australia
  • Email A4 scans of your artwork to
  • The A4 scan needs to be set at 720dpi to ensure printing quality
  • Artwork that can’t be scanned (eg sculpture) to be photographed and then emailed to

PDF Submission Form Melanesian Art, Submission Form
INQUIRIES or Robin Vote on 0413 802 612
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FRWP Women’s Office is again hosting a series of forums in the gallery during the Sampari Exhibition. The forums increase the audience for the visual arts exhibited, and provide space for the exposure of other artists like Poets, Songsters, Musicians, Writers, Activists and Intellectuals.

Opening, Sampari Art Exhibition & Sale for West Papua
Friday, 8 December, 6pm

Christmas Party, West Papua Rent Collective
Saturday 9 December, 1-4pm

Launch, Exhibition, World War Two West Papua
Sunday 10 December, 1.30-3pm

Debate: Should Australia support West Papua’s independence?
Wednesday 13 December, 6-8pm

The Venus Forum: Stories of the Morning Star
Thursday 14 December, 6-9pm

Spoken Word for West Papua
Friday 16 December, 6-8pm

Melanesian Culture Day
Saturday 16 December, 1-4pm


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