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ULMWP Situation Update, 3 March 2023

ULMWP Situation Update, 3 March 2023 Click for PDF (7xA4) ULMWP Situation update, 3 March 2023 Contents 1. Ten West Papuans killed by Indonesian police in Wamena  2. Fiji Prime Minister announces support for ULMWP full membership of Melanesian Spearhead

Journeyman from Chile intrigues West Papuans with cardboard art

I first noticed RAIMUNDO MACKENNA sitting on the floor of the National Gallery in Federation Square.  He was sketching in his notepad. He was focussed, his scribbling was deliberate; maybe professional I thought.  So I asked him if he would

Trevor Grant Scholarship Fund for educating young West Papuans outside their homeland

On 11 December 2016, during the West Papua Rent Collective’s Christmas party, Jacob Rumbiak launched the TREVOR GRANT SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR EDUCATING YOUNG WEST PAPUANS OUTSIDE THEIR HOMELAND.  Trevor Grant, a loyal and generous member of the Rent Collective, inaugurated

SALUTING MELANESIA at the ACU Art Gallery in Melbourne

SALUTING MELANESIA was an exciting ceremonial occasion that brought together communities normally separated by sea-water to celebrate their origins and living cultures.  It began with a solemn kava ceremony, and included young Melanesians born or living in the diaspora talking

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Maraki Vanuariki Welcome Ceremony, Reconciliation and Unity Summit for West Papuan leaders, Vanuatu, 28 November 2014