Professor Amien Rais Address, September 2020

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Professor Amien Rais Address, September 2020
English translation of a measured but explosive address by Javanese Professor Amien Rais, an influential academic and Muslim scholar, central government politician, and one of the political elite that forced President Suharto’s resignation in 1998.

In his address Professor Rais claims:

• Indonesia has failed completely in convincing West Papuans that the history of integration was legal and just; 
• Indonesia can no longer defend its abuse of human rights and the exploitation of West Papuans’ land and resources;
• Indonesia’s retention of West Papua is increasingly challenged and difficult to justify now that the tide has turned internationally;
• Indonesia has not been a government of justice and because of that will surely fall.

English Translation (PDF)
Amien Rais, 3 Sept 2020

For Indonesian speakers Professor Rais address is on Youtube at

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