West Papua’s Green State

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West Papuans’ Green State is built on our belief in the God who created the skies and land and water and all life within those realms, and who commissioned us, as humans made in his image, to care for it; On our trust in Jesus who commanded us to love God and all creation, and to love one another including our enemies; And on our empowerment by the Holy Spirit to use universal law and modern science to develop out of our abused polluted homeland—in the face of adversaries with enormous determination, power and capacity—a disciplined well-governed state for us to live in abundance, and so become a blessing upon the people of the world including our Melanesian kin in the Pacific (Jacob Rumbiak, 2021).

FRWP Open Day, 5 December 2021, Mr Raki Ap talking about WP’s new Green State. Raki is ULMWP Representative for Europe and the Netherlands, and participated in the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow with President Benny Wenda (WP Transitional Government). Raki is zoom-presenting from the Netherlands, where he has lived—with his siblings and mother—since Indonesian Kopassus commandoes assassinated his famous father in West Papua in 1984.

The Open Day also features two of the WP Womens Office Green-cell Projects for volunteers to research specific forms of life. Barbara Hall is talking about Amphipods, the tiny forager essential to all terrestrial and marine life, and Babuan Mirino about the Cuscus on Biak Island. (Other studies, to be presented next year, include trees, forests, water, cassowary, pearls, air, bird-of-paradise). The event concludes with Dr Toscano’s Auction of four special dining-room chairs hand-hewn from recycled wood for the WP Rent Collective.

“There is a vine trailing from the tree, waving in the wind, but when he blinks that vine is not a vine at all but a snake, a serpent spiralling about the branches, enormous, vibrant, shifting colour. It winds its way along tendrils of light, hanging down to speak of that for which he has longed and hunted. The mouth moves but Mada cannot discern one word from the next, so he reaches out a hand, tries to still the air so that he might better listen, and again there are the words at the far edge of hearing, secret names of all the seen and unseen things, the seven thousand names of earth, the shadow places between divinity and physics, offering them forth as a secret to be shared” (The fatal dance, Berndt Sellheim, HarperCollinsPublishers, Oct 2021*).

Definition of Ecocide

As of June this year there is a legal definition of ecocide, drafted by a top international panel of criminal and environmental lawyers that was convened by our foundation. And the core text is very simple. Most environmental regulation goes on for pages and pages, about exactly how many toxins you can use in what context. This comes down to one sentence: Ecocide means unlawful or wanton acts committed with the knowledge that there is a substantial likelihood of severe and either widespread or longterm damage to the environment being caused by those acts. It’s as simple and as clear as that. It’s based strongly on legal precedence. And it addresses the worst harms while also taking into account existing laws, and re-inforcing environmental laws that may be different in different jurisdictions (Jojo Mehta, Ecocide Foundation, West Papua’s Green State Vision, UN Climate Summit, 4 Nov 2021)

Jojo Mehta, Ecocide Foundation, Speech, West Papua’s Green State, 2021 UN Climate Summit

i) PDF Jojo Mehta, Ecocide, Launch of West Papua’s Green State, 4 Nov 2021
ii) VIDEO (time-code 47:00—54:26) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_wocZfge3E

Interview: Raki Ap, The Knight Show Podcast, 23 Oct 2021


Jacob Rumbiak: Introduction to West Papua’s Green State

* Dr. Berndt Sellheim is an Australian poet and philosophy professor. Born in Perth (WA), he lives with his family in Victoria Island (Canada) and later this year is planting a Hammarskjöld-WestPapua-IvanSmith Memorial with the Pacific Peoples Partnership. It is of little relevance but of enormous interest that Berndt’s grandfather, Gert Sellheim, designed the Qantas flying-kangaroo.

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