Note from Prime Minister Edison Waromi

Edison Waromi
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A note from FRWP Prime Minister, Edison Waromi, calling for a unity among West Papuans and to join hands together to have a coordinative resolution agenda to bring the people of West Papua to enjoy a peaceful, free and full sovereignty.

Open Letter from Yaboisembut and Waromi to International Leaders

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The President and Prime Minister adress world leaders attending the Jakarta International Defense Dialogue in 2012

Statement from the 5 accused at Congress treason trial

STATEMENT BY FIVE PAPUANS WHO WENT ON TRIAL IN JAYAPURA ON 30 JANUARY 2011. Published in West Papua Media, translated by Carmel Budiardjo.

Reflections from behind the Iron Bars of Indonesia

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By Edison Waromi

Published in 2013

A moral appeal on behalf of the Jayapura Five, first published in West Papua Media.

Prime Minister calls for International Support

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From Abepura Prison Edison Waromi calls on international support to end the Republic of Indonesia’s colonial occupation of West Papua.