Australian Army Major fuses glass for West Papua

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This extended essay (2,600 words) is about two unique Australians and the startling symbols they've employed to demonstrate their support for West Papuans right to self-determination. Major Barbara Tipper (ret.) is a creative artist whose fused-glass sculpture of a baby turtle in the Raja Ampat Islands was a feature of the SAMPARI ART EXHIBITION FOR WEST PAPUA in 2015. Dr Jon Kozeniauskas, who bought the sculpture, is a Collins St dental specialist. In October 2000 he used his Giallo Moderno Ferrari to carve out media space which the Australian government had surruptitiously (and undemocraticlly) shut down after East Timor's independence. In 2001, he bought a baby pig for Jacob Rumbiak, which in a few months changed the delusory perception of West Papuans as Indonesians of Southeast Asia to West Papuans as Melanesians of the Pacific.