Jessie’s house of needles, and the Green State of West Papua

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Launch of author John Algate's Jessie's House of Needles (about an Australian missionary nurse who worked in West Papua from 1966 to 2001) and Jacob Rumbiak's introduction of West Papua as a Green State, at the FRWP Open Day on 14 March 2021 where an array or current and former missionaries joined twenty online participants from West Papua. Unfortunately Algate's zoom-speech was not recorded. This entry does, however, include a 1000-word review of the book, and a transcript of Baptist Pastor Danny Hunt's homily during a commemorative Candle Ceremony. It also includes Jacob Rumbiak's powerpoint essay about the WP Transitional Government's new Green State. It also includes a recording of the address by Fiji-Australian author Bernie Goldstein (Children of the 12 tribes) who has started a campaign for one of the book's authors, West Papuan student Roland Levy, to be released from prison in Jakarta. The entry also includes an address by Dr Joe Toscano, Convener of the WP Rent Collective.