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ULMWP Pilgrimage to Canberra, 9 September 2019

Photo Essays 2019 Louise Byrne

On 9 September 2019 the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) travelled to Canberra with a petition of 17,000 signatures asking the government to vote for motions supporting West Papua's self-determination in the UN General Assembly. Jacob Rumbiak and Ronny Kareni, with members of Australia West Papua Association (Melb) and FRWP Womens' Office (Docklands) started the pilgrimage at the Netherlands Australia War Memorial to honour the nation's Dutch colonial heritage, crossed Lake Burley Griffin to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy to acknowledge Indigenous Sovereignty, and concluded at Parliament House with a Media Conference during which Andrew Wilkie MP and Greens Senators Richard di Natale and Janet Rice were handed the box of signatures. Later in the day Senator di Natale tabled the petition in the Senate. Three days later Nadine Rutter, who organised the petition, presented it to Herman Wainggai (ULMWP'S UN Representative) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Jacob Rumbiak, presentation for Religious Freedom Institute Conference, Bangkok, 4-6 November 2019

Photo Essays 2019 Jacob Rumbiak

'The Case for Freedom of Religion in West Papua's struggle for Self-determination' by Jacob Rumbiak for the Religious Freedom Institute Conference in Bangkok, 4-6 November 2019. Eleven informative powerpoints, including a bibliography, with a PDF for downloading and printing.

Letter from ULMWP Spokesperson to Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Marise Payne, October 2019

Official Statements 2019

Letter to Senator Marise Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Australian Parliament, from ULMWP Spokesperson Jacob Rumbiak, requesting her help to dissuade the Indonesian Republic from its aggressive nationalist performance and Syria-like development in West Papua by establishing a quiet dialogue with the new Vice-President Ma'ruf Amin. Vice-President Amin, as Chairman of the Ulema Council of Indonesia, is the republic’s most powerful Muslim cleric, and has the moral and political authority to successfully argue for the recall of Indonesia's Islamic militia from West Papua.

West Papua increases its legal arsenal with publication of ‘State responsibility in international law’

Background Info 2017 Annette Culley

This legal paper affirms that States have a responsibility to protect all those within their territory; that third States have a right and obligation to complain of wrongful acts committed by a sovereign State; and finally, that sovereignty comes under question where a people within a sovereign state are subject to alien subjugation or serious violations of their human rights. The 24,000 word paper (100 x A5 pages) is downloadable (below) and can be quoted providing the usual creditations are incorporated.

Federal Republic of West Papua publishes important new book

Background Info 2017 Annette Culley

This book traces the shift in international law during the twentieth century from states' rights to people's rights, and how the norms of jus cogens (rules that cannot be derogated from) have broadened to include self-determination, genocide, slavery, torture, murder and the disappearance of individuals. It brings together all the UN resolutions, and principles, and rules that have been applied, or ignored, in the case of West Papua’s occupation, and analyses the relationship between occupied West Papua and international law. The booklet (160 x A5 pages) is downloadable (below) and can be quoted from providing the usual creditations are incorporated.

Australian Army Major fuses glass for West Papua

Artworks/ Literature 2016 Louise Byrne

This extended essay (2,600 words) is about two unique Australians and the startling symbols they've employed to demonstrate their support for West Papuans right to self-determination. Major Barbara Tipper (ret.) is a creative artist whose fused-glass sculpture of a baby turtle in the Raja Ampat Islands was a feature of the SAMPARI ART EXHIBITION FOR WEST PAPUA in 2015. Dr Jon Kozeniauskas, who bought the sculpture, is a Collins St dental specialist. In October 2000 he used his Giallo Moderno Ferrari to carve out media space which the Australian government had surruptitiously (and undemocraticlly) shut down after East Timor's independence. In 2001, he bought a baby pig for Jacob Rumbiak, which in a few months changed the delusory perception of West Papuans as Indonesians of Southeast Asia to West Papuans as Melanesians of the Pacific.

Reviewing ‘The Incubus of Intervention: conflicting Indonesia strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles’ by Greg Poulgrain

Reviews 2015 Louise Byrne

Bishop Hilton Deakin, who is well known for his support of East Timor's liberation from Indonesia, launched Greg Poulgrain's new research 'The Incubus of Intervention: Conflicting Indonesia strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles' at the Federal Republic of West Papua office in Docklands on 3 May 2015, and at Trades Hall on 15 May 2015 during an assembly of the Australian trade union movement to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Republic of West Papua. Bishop Hilton's review is reproduced here in audio and transcript formats, along with photos from the launch at the Melanesian Spearhead Group Seminar in Honiara (Solomon Islands) on 15 June 2015.

Maraki Vanuariki Peace-making Ritual for West Papuan Leaders, Port Vila, Vanuatu, 1 Dec 2014

2014 Louise Byrne

A Peace-making Ceremony for West Papuan leaders at Fatumaru Bay on 1 December 2014, before the Solidarity March to the Malvatumauri National Council of Chief's Nakamal in Saralana Park. The ritual was led by Maraki Vanuariki Peace-Chief Masato and Chief Morris Kaloran, whose formal relationship with West Papua began in November 2002 with the Sanap Waintaim Ceremonial on Australian Aboriginal land in Maribyrnong and All Saints Anglican Church in St Kilda (Melbourne). The two nations' Kastom and Faith based relationship deepened with the Unity Declaration in Port Vila on 1 December 2007 by the West Papua National Authority, Port Vila Council of Chiefs, and Maraki Vanuariki Council of Chiefs. The ritual in 2014 was pivotal to the success of the Vanuatu Government's 'Reconciliation and Unity Summit for West Papuan Leaders' and the formation of a united representive body to draw up West Papua's application to join the Melanesian Spearhead Group in June 2015

Maraki Vanuariki renewal of kastom and political relations with Federal Republic of West Papua, Vanuatu, 28 Nov 2014

Photo Essays 2014 Louise Byrne

On 28 Novembe 2014, the Maraki Vanuariki Council of Chiefs renewed its kastom and political relations with Federal Republic of West Papua executives in a village ceremony organised and managed by the Women's Group. The Council represents the Tongoa-Shepherd Islanders within the SHEFA Province of Vanuatu. Chief Morris Kaloran initiated the relationship in November 2002 on Australian Aboriginal land during the Sanap Wantaim Ceremonial in Melbourne. Relations deepened during the Council's Summit for West Papua in December 2007, which concluded with the signing of the Unity Day Declaration in Port Vila by the West Papua National Authority, Port Vila Council of Chiefs, and the Maraki Vanuariki Council of Chiefs. The ceremony in 2014 was marked by the donation of $1,000 (for the Federal Republic of West Papua to buy a pig) by a single mother in South Korea, with money she had been saving for her childrens' education.

Procession of Gifts & Solidarity March, Vanuatu, 1 December 2014

Photo Essays 2014 Louise Byrne

A Procession of Gifts within a Solidarity March opened the Vanuatu Government's 'Reconciliation and Unity Summit for West Papuan Leaders' in December 2014. During the Summit, a committee of West Papuans in exile was constituted to draft West Papua’s application to join the Melanesian Spearhead Group. The Committee (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) was constituted in response to the MSG demand that a united representative body underwrite the application. (Sec-Gen Octo Mote and Jacob Rumbiak are from Federal Republic of West Papua; Leonie Tanggahma and Rex Rumakiek are from West Papua National Coalition for Liberation; Spokesperson Benny Wenda is from the West Papua National Parliament). The Summit was moderated by the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, Vanuatu Christian Council, and Pacific Conference of Churches. On 4 February 2015, the Vanuatu Government, surrounded by these influential institutions, lodged the application with the MSG Secretariat in Port Vila.

West Papua A Longing for Freedom

Briefing Papers Herman Wainggai

What are the changes that happened in the past 50 years that West Papua has been ruled by Indonesia? Why do I reflect on my personal journey and write this? Because this has been the reality of the lives of the Papuan people under the Indonesian military system since the 1st of May, 1963 and since the so called Act of Free Choice in 1969 when West Papua through military and political pressure was unjustly integrated into Indonesia. We [West Papuans] have maintained our dignity in the face of oppression, insult and prejudice. So many of our people have suffered and died, and they will continue to suffer and die under the military regime of Indonesia. This is why we cannot stop our struggle for justice and freedom.

West Papuan leader questions Australia’s support for revisionist Indonesia

Media Release 2014 Jacob Rumbiak

West Papuan independence leader Jacob Rumbiak has queried Australia’s ongoing financial support and military relations with Indonesia after the Red-White Coalition (Suharto’s New Order) garnered all the leadership positions in the Indonesian Parliament

West Papua Summit, Port Vila, Vanuatu, 16 Nov-1 Dec 2007

Photo Essays 2014 Melkias Okoka

The ‘Unity Day Port Vila Vanuatu Declaration’ signed by the Maraki Vanuariki Council of Chiefs, the Port Vila Council of Chiefs, and the West Papua National Authority on 29 November 2007

Vanishing Tribes: Unheard Voices from West Papua

Photo Essays 2014 Ahinsa Angel

VANISHING TRIBES: UNHEARD VOICES FROM WEST PAPUA is an interactive, illustrated, EBook that tells a fictional story based on real events in West Papua. It is a tribute to the Melanesian people of this island nation and their unstoppable determination to be free of a corrupt and brittle state. The main character is Vivi, a Papuan teenager, who wants to join her brother in the fight for survival against the modern Indonesian Republic. The authors, illustrators, and technicians of this EBook are sophisticated political activists, and their production is informative, colourful, logical, artistic, accessible, and FREE. Students (and their teachers) will find the EBook's own WIKI helpful in understanding why Papua's indigenous people are steeped in misery as involuntary Indonesian citizens. Their story is a modern history of realpolitik, militarism, self-determination theory v practice, and even how not to be a good neighbor. (

Gallery of Photographs, DFAIT Office-Opening Ceremonies, 23 June 2014

Photo Essays 2014 Melkias Okoka

Captioned photographs by Tommy Latupeirissa and David Waingai of the opening of the FRWP Department of Foreign Affairs, Immigration, and Trade in Docklands (Melbourne) on 23rd June 2014.

Letter from President Yaboisembut to President Obama, Nov 2012

Official Statements 2012 Forkorus Yaboisembut

This letter explains Mr. Forkorus' request to President Barrack Obama to assist in negotiating peace and justice between the Federal Republic of West Papua and the Republic of Indonesia.

President Yaboisembut to Chair of MSG, 7 Jun 2013

Official Statements 2013 Forkorus Yaboisembut

Letter from President of the Federal Republic of West Papua, Forkorus Yaboisembut to Chair of MSG, Mr Victor Tutugoro, dated 7 Jun 2013, from inside the Abepura Prison, Jayapura, West Papua

Note from Prime Minister Edison Waromi

Official Statements 2013 Edison Waromi

A note from FRWP Prime Minister, Edison Waromi, calling for a unity among West Papuans and to join hands together to have a coordinative resolution agenda to bring the people of West Papua to enjoy a peaceful, free and full sovereignty.

FRWP Executives to be Released from Prison

Media Release 2014 Jacob Rumbiak

The Indonesian government has claimed it is releasing the President and Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of West Papua (FRWP) on Monday 21 July 2014. President Forkorus Yaboisembut and Prime Minister Edison Waromi were convicted of treason, along with Selfius Bobbi, Agus Karar, and Domiinikus Sorabut, after the 3rd Papua Congress established the independent state of West Papua on 19 October 2011.

3rd Papuan National Congress, Declaration

Background Info 2011 KPKC

On 19 October, Prokorus [normally spelt Forkorus] Yaboisembut was elected President of West Papua, and the evangelist Edison G. Waromi was elected Prime Minister. Following the elections, Prokorus Yaboisembut read out the Declaration of a new state—the Federal State of West Papua, the symbol of the state—the Mambruk Bird, the currency—the guilder, the national anthem—Hai Tanahku Papua, the national languages—Pidgin, Indonesian Malay, Papuan languages, and English, and the geographic territory. The Declaration stated: “On this day, 19 October 2011, we proclaim the full independence and sovereignty of our state, and therefore the State of Indonesia must speedily end its occupation of Papua. All components of the leadership elected at the Third Papuan People's Congress shall immediately discuss the basic principles of the State of West Papua”.

Anglican priest returns from war-zone

Media Release 2014 Peter Woods

Peter Woods, Anglican priest and regular visitor to West Papua, said he was appalled by the militarism and the grinding poverty that he found in Manokwari last week, eighteen months after his last visit.

Drs Jacob Rumbiak, Speech, Opening, FRWP Dept Foreign Affairs, Immigration & Trade, Docklands, 23 June 2014

Official Statements Jacob Rumbiak

Drs Jacob Rumbiak, Speech, Opening of the FRWP Dept of Foreign Affairs, Immigration & Trade, 23 June 2014

Briefing Paper for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

Briefing Papers 2007 Jacob Rumbiak

This paper was developed by the West Papua National Authority, in consultation with the OPM, the Papua Presidium Council, tribal leaders, Church leaders, NGO’s, women leaders and student organization. It addresses common misunderstandings about the West Papuan liberation struggle, and answers questions commonly posed by journalists, diplomats, and politicians about an issue usually considered in terms of political sovereignty and human rights, but which has become central to the security and defence of countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

West Papua’s Right to Self-Determination

Background Info 2001 Jacob Rumbiak

In this five-thousand word paper for the 2001 Festival of Ideas in Adelaide, Jacob Rumbiak examines three international agreements and three Indonesian regulations, via which over-rode Dutch-funded self-determination policies and projects, and the West Papuans right to be consulted, and independence, were consciously ignored.

West Papua Independence Policies; Tensions in the Transition

Official Statements 2011 Jacob Rumbiak

This paper sets out the infrastructural priorities adopted by the West Papua National Authority (WPNA) in the transition from Special Autonomy (2001—2010) to an independent nation-state on the western border of Melanesia Pacific. Published February 2011

Federal Republic of West Papua opens office in Docklands

Media Release 2014

Councilor Amanda Stone from the Yarra City Council is cutting the ribbon on the Federal Republic of West Papua’s new office in Docklands (Melbourne) on Monday 23 June 2014. This is despite the Lombok Treaty, signed by Australia and Indonesia in 2006, which outlaws any demonstration of the Indonesian colony’s independence.

Melanesian Spearhead Group briefing May 2013

Briefing Papers 2013 Jacob Rumbiak

Outlining the institutions, strategies, political priorities and social objectives of the Federal Republic of West Papua before the meeting of the MSG secretariat meeting in Kanaky.

Solving the Political Problem of West Papua by Peaceful Means

Briefing Papers 2005 Jacob Rumbiak

Prepared for Act of Free Choice Seminar, Institute for Dutch History, Royal Library in The Hague, 15 November 2005

Submission to Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade

Briefing Papers 2002 Jacob Rumbiak

“Building a relationship between Australia and Indonesia (that includes West Papua) based on the classic principles of Justice, Peace & Love" 24 October 2002

Knowing and understanding how the West Papuans were robbed of their right to independence

Briefing Papers 2000 Jacob Rumbiak

Paper presented at 'West Papua at the Crossroads: A conference on the prospects for peace and conflict resolution in West Papua' University of Sydney. 19th April 2000.

Open Letter from Yaboisembut and Waromi to International Leaders

Official Statements 2012 Edison Waromi & Forkorus Yaboisembut

The President and Prime Minister adress world leaders attending the Jakarta International Defense Dialogue in 2012

Statement from the 5 accused at Congress treason trial

Official Statements 2011 Agust M. Sananai Kraar & Dominikus Subarat & Edison Waromi & Forkorus Yaboisembut & Selpius Bobbii

STATEMENT BY FIVE PAPUANS WHO WENT ON TRIAL IN JAYAPURA ON 30 JANUARY 2011. Published in West Papua Media, translated by Carmel Budiardjo.

Letter To President Barrack Obama

Official Statements 2012 Forkorus Yaboisembut

President Fokorus Yaboisembut writes from Abepura Prison to request President Barack Obama's assistance in negotiating peace and justice with the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Indonesia has proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that it has no place in Papua

Media Release 2012 Jacob Rumbiak

Edison Waromi criticises Australia in particular for riding on the rhetoric generated by President Yudhoyono and Foreign Minister Natalegawa about Indonesia’s ‘normative’ commitment to dialogue and the republic’s effort to ‘wage peace aggressively’.

Reflections from behind the Iron Bars of Indonesia

Background Info 2013 Edison Waromi

A moral appeal on behalf of the Jayapura Five, first published in West Papua Media.

Prime Minister calls for International Support

Media Release 2014 Edison Waromi

From Abepura Prison Edison Waromi calls on international support to end the Republic of Indonesia’s colonial occupation of West Papua.