3rd Papuan National Congress, Declaration

full translation by TAPOL of the report received from KPKC, Synod of GKI, Indonesian Christian Church on 21 October 2011   The Third Papuan Congress was held from 17 October and attended by Papuans from across the territory of Papua.

West Papua Independence Policies; Tensions in the Transition

This paper sets out the infrastructural priorities adopted by the West Papua National Authority (WPNA) in the transition from Special Autonomy (2001—2010) to an independent nation-state on the western border of Melanesia Pacific. It develops the Authority’s premise that the application of self-determination strategies best serves West Papuans’ short-term aspiration for political independence and their longer-term ambition for a modern nation-state that celebrates rather than over-rides its tribal and traditional formations.

Statement from the 5 accused at Congress treason trial

STATEMENT BY FIVE PAPUANS WHO WENT ON TRIAL IN JAYAPURA ON 30 JANUARY 2011. Published in West Papua Media, translated by Carmel Budiardjo.