Decolonize West Papua Activist’s Kit

This kit is designed to make supporting West Papua’s petition to be registered on the UN Decolonization List easy. It includes background information, flyers, stickers, and documents.

How to support the campaign

1. Sign the Petition

Visit and sign the petition. We are aiming for 1.8 million Australian signatures to match the 1.8 million West Papuan signatures collected.

2. Share the petition with your social media networks

When you sign the petition, share it with your networks on social media. makes it easy to do this once you’ve signed.

You can also follow us on social media and share our posts to your profiles:


3. Collect petition signatures in your town or city

Download the hard-copy petition and ask friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers to support the campaign. Hard-copy petitions need to be returned to the FRWP DFAIT Office by 31 July 2019. Please send them to:

Federal Republic of West Papua
Attn: Nadine Rutter
Suite 211, 838 Collins Street
Docklands VIC 3008

You can also wear our campaign badge when collecting signatures. Download it here.

4. Write to your local MP

Write to your local MP or Senator to make them aware of the issue’s importance to you. To make things easy, we have drafted a letter you can download (click ‘save as’ to save a copy) and print to send to your MP’s office. Alternatively, you can copy the text into an email to them. If you are unsure who is your MP, find out here.

5. Share the campaign with your community

Share the campaign with your local community by printing some campaign cards to distribute. Download the cards here. You can print them at Officeworks for 10 cents each – two cards will fit on one 6×4″ print. Use the ‘with border’ facility, and get Officeworks to guillotine them in half for you.

6. Meet with your MP

You can request meetings with your local MP or any candidates in your electorate to discuss issues that are important to you. Find out what electorate you’re in and who your MP is here. You can inquire about meetings through their party websites.

Print and take one of these postcards to give more information to your MP or candidate. You can print these at Officeworks as a 6×4″ photo print for 10 cents each. To add further information, you can print these sticky labels to add to the back of the postcards.

More about the campaign

Briefing Paper by Jacob Rumbiak

Reflecting on 1st December 1961, West Papua’s self-determination as a Non-Self-Governing Territory (PDF)

Jacob Rumbiak’s summary of West Papua as a Non-Self-Governing Territory between 1950 and 1962. Jacob is Spokesperson of the ULMWP, the organisation that drafted the motion and authorised the petition.