Vanuatu gifts West Papuans block of land in Port Vila

ULMWP Media, 4 December 2017 West Papuans shining with reviewed hope and strength after Vanuatu leaders gift them a block of land in Port Vila At the conclusion of a summit of key West Papuan leaders in Vanuatu, Spokesperson Jacob

West Papua increases its legal arsenal with publication of ‘State responsibility in international law’

“This paper affirms that States have a responsibility to protect all those within their territory; that third States have a right and obligation to complain of wrongful acts committed by a sovereign State; and finally, that sovereignty comes under question

Federal Republic of West Papua publishes important new book

“I have attempted to bring together all the UN resolutions, and principles, and rules that have been applied, or ignored, in the case of West Papua’s occupation. This then is my analysis of the relationship between occupied West Papua and