Jakarta’s mephistophelian behaviour in Papua condemned

ULMWP MEDIA STATEMENT, 20 December 2018 The UN, global media, and Indonesian civilians, have all condemned Jakarta’s mephistophelian behaviour in West Papua Every year since 1961 West Papuans recall the 19th December as the day President Sukarno megaphoned his plan

Threatened species in West Papua

Dr Jemima Amery-Gale, Guest Speaker at the West Papua Rent Collective Christmas Party in Docklands on Sunday 9 December 2018, is a veterinarian (Melbourne University, 2013) and deeply concerned about West Papua’s wildlife, which is facing increasing threat from mining,

Jakarta’s nightmare: Indonesians raising Morning Star flag on 1 Dec

Media Statement, 3 December 2018 Jakarta’s worst nightmare: Indonesians raise Morning Star flag across the republic on 1 December Indonesian security forces appeared bewildered by the number of Morning Star flag-raisings by Indonesians in Indonesia on Saturday 1 December, commemorating—with

West Papuans demand MSG reviews Indonesia’s status

ULMWP Media, Tuesday 20 November 2018 West Papuans demand Melanesian Spearhead Group reviews Indonesia’s status The United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) demands the MSG immediately reviews Indonesia’s status in the intergovernment forum after yesterday’s unwarranted arrest and incarceration

Indonesia bleeding-out in Papua

MEDIA STATEMENT, 20 August 2018 Indonesia bleeding-out in West Papua as Jakarta moves to shut down three ‘resistance’ faculties at Cenderawasih University in Jayapura, West Papua A powerful video released by ULMWP Spokesperson Jacob Rumbiak shows hundreds of new students

Papuans want UN Decolonisation Agenda; Indonesia rolls out tanks

MEDIA STATEMENT, 2 August 2018 Majority support for listing West Papua on UN Decolonisation Agenda despite the Indonesian government rolling out tanks, commandoes and police onto the streets of Manokwari and Jayapura Political rallies in Jakarta, Jayapura, Manokwari and Merauke,

Strafing a village from a helicopter isn’t democracy

MEDIA STATEMENT, 15 July 2018 Strafing a village from a helicopter isn’t democracy: Indonesia fire-bombs a heritage highland village where indigenous Papuans have lived for thousands of years Jacob Rumbiak, Spokesperson for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, severely

ULMWP advises Jokowi to remove Indonesia from Security Council

MEDIA, 5 July 2018 Jacob Rumbiak advises President Jokowi to remove Indonesia from UN Security Council Jacob Rumbiak, Spokesperson for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), today suggested that President Jokowi volunteers to remove Indonesia from the UN

Indonesia fouls its membership of UN Security Council

MEDIA STATEMENT, 12 June 2018 ULMWP Executive claims Indonesia fouls its membership of UN Security Council Within moments of Indonesia’s election to the UN Security Council, President Jokowi sent 1600 commandos of his new anti-terrorist force to Timika (West Papua).

Indonesia continues to hunt Papuan soldiers and civilians

MEDIA STATEMENT, 9 JULY 2018 West Papua National Army is constitutionally obliged to defend the territory and people it is responsible for, even as the Indonesian State continues to hunt the Papuan soldiers—and civilians—in the high-mountain forest. During preparations for

Deakin University academic on palm oil in West Papua

DR EBEN KIRKSEY from Deakin University was keynote speaker at a conference in West Papua’s FRWP office in Docklands on 8 April 2018. The American scholar’s interest in the Indonesian colony was launched brutally in 1998, when as an exchange