Wild cassowaries follow Marind out of their homes in West Papua

BOOK LAUNCH: Open Day: Sunday 11 Sept 2022: Award-winning anthropologist Sophie Chao talking about her latest study In the Shadow of the Palms: more-than-human becomings in West Papua (Duke University Press, June 2022). “This excellent and beautifully written book, which

WP Open Day, 11 Dec 2022, Paul Stewart’s ‘All the Rage’

Paul Stewart’s All the Rage, edited by Peter Wilson and published by Melbourne Books in 2022, is a racy memoir by a charismatic bad boy who took years to channel his anguish and anger after the Indonesian military murdered his

Debate: Is Australia doing enough to help West Papua?

IS AUSTRALIA DOING ENOUGH TO SUPPORT WEST PAPUA? A debate sponsored by the Melbourne City Council in its glorious Yarra Room on Sunday 30 October 2022 : 2pm, with Coffee on the (Beatles) Balcony at 3.30pm What’s more important? Human

2015 MSG in Honiara: West Papua out of the dark into the light, and what’s happened since

MELANESIAN SPEARHEAD GROUP (MSG) MEETING IN HONIARA IN 2015: West Papua out of the darkness into the light. What’s happened since? Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Summit in the Solomon Islands in 2015 The MSG Summit in Honiara in 2015 was

Letter Writing for West Papua

LETTER WRITING COMPETITION 2021-2022 The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword We encourage letter writing to support the West Papuan peoples’ struggle for self-determination. Write a letter or email to your local federal politician or relevant politician in Canberra to:

One Small Step for Australia; One Big Leap for West Papua

Joe Toscano, West Papua’s political candidate for the Australian Senate in 2020, with Jacob Rumbiak from the West Papua Transitional Government. Renowned political activist, Public broadcaster, and practicing Medical Doctor, Dr Joe Toscano has raised his hand as an independent

WP Open Day, 27 March 2022

GUEST SPEAKERS at this first WP Open Day in 2022 are Drs. Jacob Rumbiak from the West Papua Transitional Government and Mr Andrew Wilkie MP the current independent Federal Member for Clark (Tasmania). Andrew Wilkie has been a federal politician