Vanuatu appoints Lini Special Envoy for West Papua

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ULMWP Media, 30 July 2018


Taking notes for their own independence day, West Papuans Benny Wenda and Jacob Rumbiak are in Port Vila to celebrate Vanuatu’s 38th year of independence.

“Vanuatu is the only Pacific island which paid in bloodshed for its independence” (from the French and the British) said Benny Wenda, Chair of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

“Ni-Vanuatu understand our position and our needs. They know the price of being colonised. They’ve experienced the outrageous acts of vengeance, the deceit, the tactics, the strategies and stupidities of a colonial power as it attempts to thwart its colony’s independence and evade its own demise”.

At the political party in Port Vila on Monday 30 July 2018, there is good reason for recalling the business of colonialism, because Vanuatu has just appointed Laura Lini, daughter of the republic’s founding father, as Special Envoy for West Papua.

“Laura embodies Vanuatu’s struggle for independence as well as its implementation of self-determination since. She will be a distinguished advocate of her father’s ambition for all Melanesians to be free as well as a wise and cautious mentor on the big issues beyond independence” said Jacob Rumbiak.

God bless the people of Vanuatu, the Opposition Group, the Government, and all the heroes—men and women—of Vanuatu’s independence 38 years ago.

Jacob Rumbiak
Spokesperson, United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP)

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