Letter from President Yaboisembut to President Obama, Nov 2012

Barak H Obama President, United States of America The Whitehouse 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Northwest Washington, DC 20500 United States 21 November 2012 Your Excellency, I am writing from Abepura Prison, firstly to congratulate on your re-election for a second

Open Letter from Yaboisembut and Waromi to International Leaders

The President and Prime Minister adress world leaders attending the Jakarta International Defense Dialogue in 2012

Letter To President Barrack Obama

President Fokorus Yaboisembut writes from Abepura Prison to request President Barack Obama’s assistance in negotiating peace and justice with the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Indonesia has proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that it has no place in Papua

Edison Waromi criticises Australia in particular for riding on the rhetoric generated by President Yudhoyono and Foreign Minister Natalegawa about Indonesia’s ‘normative’ commitment to dialogue and the republic’s effort to ‘wage peace aggressively’.