Situation in West Papua Apr-Jul 2021 by Markus Haluk, ULMWP

Indonesia is not the future of West Papua A comprehensive report of the situation in West Papua between April and July 2021 by Markus Haluk, ULMWP Executive in West Papua Markus Haluk (2021) Indonesia Is Not The Future of West

Poulgrain’s ‘JFK vs Allen Dulles, Battleground Indonesia’ changes our historical perspective

The FRWP Open Day on 19 September 2021 featured Greg Poulgrain talking about his new book JFK vs Allen Dulles : Battleground Indonesia; First Nations Elder Herb Patten playing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ on a Eucalyptus gum leaf; and Prime Minister

City of Moreland joins Yarra and Ballarat Councils on West Papua’s self-determination

On 14 August 2021, the City of Moreland joined two other Victorian Councils, Yarra Council and Ballarat Council, in recognising and honouring the principle of self-determination for West Papua with its planting of a Hammarskjöld Memorial Tree for West Papua

Letter-writing campaign, 2021

Letter-writing & Email Campaign, 2021. In August 2021, a delegation of West Papuans and Australian activists are travelling to Canberra to lobby Federal Members of Parliament to i) Persuade Indonesia to allow the UN fact-finding mission to West Papua which

Land of the Morning Star, a documentary by Mark Worth

The West Papua FRWP Womens Office in Docklands is hosting an HISTORIC FILM SERIES, and the first film, on 27 June 2021, is Mark Worth’s powerful 2003 documentary Land of the Morning Star. Published by the Australian Broadcasting Commission, this

George Ivan Smith and what he did for West Papua

Who is George Ivan Smith, and what did he do for West Papua? George Ivan Smith AO (1915-1995) was a remarkable Australian, the son of a prison governor and educated in rural Australia at Goulbourn and Bathurst high schools. He

Jessie’s house of needles, and the Green State of West Papua

An array of former and current missionaries joined supporters of West Papua’s liberation for the launch of John Algate’s Jessie’s House of Needles and Jacob Rumbiak’s introduction of West Papua as a Green State. Forty on-line participants (including 20 from

Pig, symbol of justice and peace in West Papua

PIGS In the highlands of New Guinea, on the western rim of Melanesia, pigs are central to religious and social life, their blood sanctifying land for ceremony, and opening marriage negotiations between families. They underpin the village economy, and are