Courageous ULMWP upgrades to WP Transitional Government

FRWP Open Day on 6 December 2020 featured interviews with the President and the Prime Minister of the new West Papua Transitional Government, with Australian federal Greens Senator Janet Rice, and with Dr Joe Toscano (West Papua Rent Collective). It

ULMWP to AUS Foreign Affairs Minister Payne, 28/10/2020

28 October 2020 Dear Minister Payne Further to my letter twelve months ago (19 October 2019) I write to update you on the situation in West Papua, and in Indonesia, in the hope of advancing our long-standing request for the

WW2 in West Papua

On 10 December 2017, the West Papua Womens Office in Docklands launched its exhibition World War II in West Papua, 1942-1945 at the Australian Catholic University Art Gallery in Brunswick St Fitzroy. Former ABC journalist Margaret Coffey compèred an impressive

West Papua: brief overview, 2020

WEST PAPUA: Brief overview, 2020 This fully referenced photo-essay, of thirty-six (A4) pages in PDF downloadable form, provides an overview of the West Papuan people and their unique environment, their Dutch colonial history-including the devastating impact of World War II

Natalie Adadikam, well lived, we will miss you (26 Dec 1963-28 Sep 2020)

On 5 October 2020, the West Papua Womens Office shared stories about founding member Natalie Adadikam, who had died peacefully after a long illness on 28 September 2020. Natalie was a driving force in the office, and worked hard and

ULMWP begs UN to warn Indonesia against war in Papua; Jokowi warns UNGA about ‘territorial integrity’

ULMWP Media Statement, 25 September 2020 ULMWP begs UN to discipline Indonesia against waging more war against Papuans, as Jokowi lectures UNGA about his nation’s ‘territorial integrity’ On 19 September 2020, the Indonesian military shot Pastor Jeremia Zanambani as he

West Papua honours UN leader at international summit

Media Statement, 13 September 2020 West Papua honours UN leader at international summit An international online summit will be held on Sunday 13 September to commemorate the work of Dag Hammarskjöld, UN Secretary-General, 1953-1961—a global champion for the fair treatment

Professor Amien Rais Address, September 2020

Professor Amien Rais Address, September 2020 English translation of a measured but explosive address by Javanese Professor Amien Rais, an influential academic and Muslim scholar, central government politician, and one of the political elite that forced President Suharto’s resignation in

What is the United Liberation Movement for West Papua?

United Liberation Movement for West Papua ~ its mission, activities, achievements was presented by Spokesperson Jacob Rumbiak to the International League of Peoples Struggle Webinar on 28 July 2020 [r-click slides for larger view; scroll down for PDF to download/print]

Tree-memorials for West Papua & UN Sec-General Hammarskjöld

West Papua Womens Office in Docklands and Democratic Republic of Congo Community (Victoria) are planting a tree in honour of Dag Hammarskjöld, the UN Secretary-General found dead on 18 September 1961 after a plane-crash near the border of the Democratic

Dag Hammarskjöld, West Papua, and the United Nations

The West Papua Office in Docklands has adapted quickly to COVID-19 restrictions, and our first Open Day in 2020, on Sunday 19 April, was a ‘webinar’ (online forum) featuring well-informed perspectives on the life of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, and

What’s going on in West Papua behind COVID-19?

ULMWP MEDIA STATEMENT, 1 April 2020 What’s going on in West Papua behind COVID-19? On Tuesday 31 March 2020, a man in a shadowy photo apparently walked out of West Papua’s airport in Sentani, fell over, and died. He isn’t

Indonesia pressured to begin negotiating with ULMWP

ULMWP Media Statement, 14 March 2020 Indonesia pressured to negotiate with United Liberation Movement for West Papua  As Defense Minister (and former general) Prabowo Subianto escalates Indonesia’s war against West Papuans, the Jokowi government is under pressure to respond to

West Papua 1942-2022: the legals, politics, and only way forward

West Papua 1942-2022: the legals, politics, and the only way forward by Jacob Rumbiak is a succinct but comprehensive image-and-text study guide of the West Papuans’ experience of World War II, and as a progressive UN Non-Self-Governing Territory during the

Two legal documents: West Papua: real-politik v international law; Papua’s right to self-determination under international law

Two papers by ICJ lawyers that analyse and dissect the New York Agreement (1962-1969), one by George Ernest Lambert written in 2000, the other by Melinda Janki published in 2010. George Lambert was a judge with the Australian Family Law