What is the United Liberation Movement for West Papua?

United Liberation Movement for West Papua ~ its mission, activities, achievements was presented by Spokesperson Jacob Rumbiak to the International League of Peoples Struggle Webinar on 28 July 2020 [r-click slides for larger view; scroll down for PDF to download/print]

Join tree-planting ceremonies in honour of UN Sec-General Dag Hammarskjöld (1953-1961)

West Papua Womens Office in Docklands and Democratic Republic of Congo Community (Victoria) are planting a tree in honour of Dag Hammarskjöld, the UN Secretary-General found dead on 18 September 1961 after a plane-crash near the border of the Democratic

West Papua Shop in Docklands office is open (online too)

FRWP Womens Office sells a range of unique merchandise (books, art, documents, brochures, CDs and DVDs, jewellery, Morning Star flags) to increase awareness of West Papuan history, culture, environment, geography, music, politics, and identity. All profit goes to the considerable

Dag Hammarskjöld, West Papua, and the United Nations

The West Papua Office in Docklands has adapted quickly to COVID-19 restrictions, and our first Open Day in 2020, on Sunday 19 April, was a ‘webinar’ (online forum) featuring well-informed speakers presenting perspectives on the life of UN Secretary-General Dag

West Papua 1942 to 2019: the legals, the politics, and the only way forward

This document by Jacob Rumbiak begins with an exposé of the twenty-period between 1942 and 1962, covering the Pacific War in West Papua (1942–1944) and the nation’s twelve years as a UN Non-Self-Governing Territory (1950–1962). The third section details the

Two legal documents: West Papua: real-politik v international law; Papua and the right to self-determination under international law

Two papers by ICJ lawyers that analyse and dissect the New York Agreement (1962-1969), one by George Ernest Lambert written in 2000, the other by Melinda Janki published in 2010. George Lambert was a judge with the Australian Family Law